I am an Artist and a Mother and I take both professions seriously, anything else I do is a bonus.

Naan Pocen – Artist and Story teller interested in the Human Story

Reaching out to connect, one person at a time.

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Naan of all Art

Creative Writer
(1995 – Till date)
I have been writing since I was 13. My first published work though was in 1995. It was all the boost I needed to keep writing and I have never looked back

Bead Artist
(2004 – Till date)
I have always been fascinated with beaded Jewellery but for some reason I always thought it too intimidating to learn until I stumbled on a video tutorial of an simple yet intricately folded geometric beaded bracelet by Bead Artist Leslie Rogalski and that began my journey into creating with beads and I have never looked back since.

Couture Dress Maker
(2007 – Till date)
My Journey to dressmaking started when I was 8 years old. I made dresses for my dolls. Then as a boarding school student hating being in uniforms all the time, I started making minor alterations to mine, to make them slight different and stand out. Soon enough I started cutting favourite outfits and replicating. In 2004 I enrolled into a formal fashion and sartorial design school while living in Italy, Graduated in 2007 and became a formal dress maker and haven’t stopped.

Leather Artist
(2014 – Till date)
I received a large donation of leather and decided to learn to make shoes so I did. I enrolled in online classes as well as shoe pattern templates bought from shoemakers around the world. However, I soon discovered I much preferred making simpler items like purses, wallets and jewelry, which is mostly what I do with leather now. I use only recycled leather from used furniture, discards from upholstery workroom or thrift leather jackets.

Fibre Artist
(2017 – Till date)
After years of playing with fabric and manipulating it into all sorts of shapes to create texture, I decided to learn adding/removing colour as a mode of creating visual texture, and thus began the journey fabric art.

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